Chairman Emeritus, Fallon Worldwide

Pat founded Fallon in 1981 with the single-minded desire to stand for creative excellence—in the people hired, in the partnerships forged, in the work produced, and in the results achieved.

He spends much of his time today nurturing the company’s culture, being a brand ambassador, coaching young people, and consulting on clients’ businesses. Fallon’s deep knowledge of branding issues, his thirst for learning all things new, his relentless need to achieve, and his rigorous approach to problem solving continue to make him an invaluable asset to client CEOs.

Fallon has won virtually every recognition in the business, but his most valued achievement is the trust he has earned from his clients. Moreover, through the years he has had amazing good fortune in attracting and keeping talented people—people of character and unusually high standards of excellence that have made Fallon their professional home. Fallon never forgets the gratitude of debt he owes to them for taking his vision and making it their own and then working together to attain the shared ideals of creativity and profitability.

Fallon is a past board member of the Minnesota Orchestra, The Guthrie Theater and the Ordway Center for Performing Arts. He is currently a board member for the National Children’s Defense Fund. Fallon is also an active commissioner for the Minnesota Combative Sports Commission (formerly the Minnesota Boxing Commission). Fallon is a published author—Juicing the Orange—written with his long-time partner and friend, Fred Senn. And rumor has it he may have a novel in him that is currently trying to escape the boundaries of his 5-foot-7-inch, blue-steel anatomical frame.

Fallon, who lives in Minneapolis, has five children—Kevin, Megan, Duffy, Reilly and Tressa—as well as one grandson, Leo, and a daughter-in-law, Leslie. They are the center of his life and an ongoing source of tremendous pride.

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