Founder, Zubi Advertising

A pioneer in the advertising industry, Tere A. Zubizarreta (also known as Tere Zubi) was instrumental in helping to shift American marketers’ perceptions about Hispanics in the U.S., replacing the idea of Latinos being a homogenous minority group with limited resources with the dynamic reality of a multifaceted consumer segment representing the greatest growth opportunity of the 21st Century.

Herself a product of change, Tere was displaced from her country by the Castro revolution in Cuba in 1959, arriving in the U.S. just in time to experience the Civil Rights and Women’s movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Leaving behind a life and lifestyle that could never be replicated, she was undaunted by the realities of political exile, reinventing her roles as wife and mother, and embarking on a career that not only became a passion and successful business venture, but a catalyst for her future impact on the community.

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