Founder, Carl Ally Inc

The founding of Carl Ally Inc. represented a challenge to the status quo with the introduction of new, dynamic and daring advertising concepts. Ally is credited with breaking conventional advertising standards in his use of comparative techniques, first against "Brand X" and later against a "named" competitor. Carl Ally and his agency also established new standards for the effective use of humor in advertising.

A quick review of the fabled work of Ally's agency shows clarity, good humor and disarming freshness. A deeper look reveals that Ally┬┐s sales argument leads the reader to the intended conclusion, while kindly allowing him to think it was his own idea. There is no greater art in advertising, nor evidence of respect for the consumer.

Ally was responsible for many memorable campaigns which could claim near immediate effectiveness: the "we-know-how-you-feel" lifeline reaching out from Pan Am to the apprehensive air traveler, from Piper Aircraft to the frazzled CEO who stood last in line at LaGuardia and from Hertz to the worn-out salesman on a lumpy bed after a hard day on the road. For Federal Express, he introduced the concept of overnight delivery based on the premise "If it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight."

Carl Ally advertising worked in many places to reinvigorate sagging creative, inspiring higher standards and better advertising.