Co-Founder, Bristol-Meyers Company

Lee Hastings Bristol was a devoted and articulate practitioner of advertising throughout his long and distinguished career with the Bristol-Meyers Company.

Much of Bristol-Meyers’ growth over four decades in its highly competitive field was accomplished through the faith and know-how of Lee Bristol.

Always open to new ideas, Bristol was one of radio’s earliest advertisers. In 1925 Bristol-Meyers sponsored one of the first network programs on the air, the famous Ipana Troubadours. He also foresaw the tremendous impact of television and encouraged his company’s impressive pioneering in television advertising.

Advertising owes much to his leadership. He served as chairman of the Association of National Advertisers, as a founding member and chairman of the Advertising Council and as chairman of the Advertising Research Foundation.

Throughout his entire career, Lee Hastings Bristol advocated advertising as a social as well as an economic force. His was the deep conviction that advertising, properly used, both informs and protects the consumer.