Former President & Chairman, Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn (BBDO)

Charles Brower commanded respect from his first day on the job in 1928 at George Batten Company until he retired as chairman of the board of BBDO in 1972.

Brower was the consummate copywriter. Although his career led him to the presidency and chairmanship of a great worldwide agency, he never swerved from his devotion to the craft of writing.

Though copywriting is an anonymous trade, the nation felt the impact of Brower's wit and insight in the 1960s — a decade in which the country seemed to have lost its sense of purpose and direction.

From Charlie's typewriter came a series of speeches that brought thousands out of their chairs and that were reprinted by millions. Typical was "The Return of the Square," a biting, witty and compelling call for Americans to remember their heritage and the values that served as the foundation of our nation. He also wrote the book Me and Other Genuises