Former President, American Association of Advertising Agencies

John Crichton dedicated his life to ensuring that the advertising business maintained the highest of ethical standards. He was an advertising leader and the conscience of the industry during the 15 years he worked as the president of the Association of American Advertising Agencies. While holding that position, he worked to ensure industry-wide adherence to truth in advertising and insisted that it be built on a solid foundation of full service to clients.

Crichton demanded fairness in the practical world of advertising as well. He spoke out on the importance of attracting young people to the business and integrating minority groups into the industry. In his quest for the betterment of advertising, he recognized the importance of the relationship between advertising practitioners and educators.

Ever a strong believer in and spokesman for advertising’s contribution to the U.S. economy, he worked diligently for a mutual beneficial dialogue with federal government officials in Washington, D.C.

In everything he did, Crichton attempted to raise his industry to new heights of truth, fairness and responsibility. His legacy of dedication will leave a mark on the advertising business not easily forgotten.