Former President, Coca-Cola USA

Ira C. "Ike" Herbert held many positions within The Coca-Cola Company. From brand manager on Fanta in 1965, to president of Coca-Cola USA in 1991, the year of his retirement.

No matter the title that his name preceded through the years, Ike Herbert is remembered at Coca-Cola as the keeper of the trademark.

Herbert often spoke about the specialness of the brand: "Coca-Cola is one of the very few things that has taken on so many associations and connotations that it is now a symbol. An icon. An idea that goes far beyond its flavor, or its bubbles."

Herbert insisted that this unique quality be reflected in the advertising he helped create. He was responsible for producing such legendary campaigns as "Things Go Better with Coke," "It¿s the Real Thing" and "Coke Is It." He also helped create what is often regarded as one of the most memorable commercials in the history of advertising, a spot set on a hilltop in Italy that included the now familiar words, "I¿d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..."

Herbert landed his first job in advertising at MacFarland Aveyard and Company in Chicago. After a stint at E.H. Weiss, also in Chicago, he joined McCann-Erickson and was appointed manager of the Bottler Service Group and Coca-Cola Bottlers. Then in 1965 Herbert jumped over to the client side. After his work on Fanta, he was named brand manager for Coca-Cola in 1967, director of brand development in 1970 and marketing director in 1971. In 1975 he became president of Coca-Cola Foods, and in 1982, chief marketing officer. He would ultimately be named executive vice president of the Coca-Cola Company and president of Coca-Cola USA.

Herbert served as chairman of the Ad Council, an Advertising Hall of Fame judge, co-chairman of the Advertising Educational Foundation and an active member in the Association of National Advertisers.