Former Chairman, President & CEO, Tracy-Locke

Morris Hite built Tracy Locke into the preeminent advertising agency in the Southwest with a client list that included Frito-Lay’s Doritos Tortilla Chips, Dr. Pepper, Haggar Slacks, Borden Dairies, Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries, Texas Instruments, Comet Rice and Imperial Sugar.

Hite joined Tracy-Locke-Dawson as an account executive in Dallas in 1937 and assumed the agency reigns in 1950. Hite began a business development push that resulted in Tracy-Locke becoming the first $100 million agency in the Southwest. He presided over the sale of Tracy-Locke to BBDO/New York in 1982, and in 1983 founded Allcom, another communications holding company. Hite was active in advertising at the time of his death in an automobile accident in May 1983.

Hite strongly believed in consumer research and that advertising consisted of communicating with consumers on an individual basis. In the mid 1960s, he created a subsidiary company called M/A/R/C, which conducted baseline research on consumers’ buying habits and preferences.

Hite’s thinking helped Tracy-Locke pioneer a number of distinctive accomplishments for clients. Working with E.R. Haggar, Hite coined the word "slacks" in 1940. He helped bring Elsie the Cow to life through television advertising for Borden and helped Frito-Lay build the Doritos brand.

In 1969 Hite was honored with both the Linz Award, Dallas’ highest individual recognition for public service and the AAF Silver Medal Award. In 1980 Hite received the Horatio Alger award, presented to American men and women who achieve notable success despite modest beginnings.