Former President, Time Inc

Roy Larsen was a giant in the publishing field who was responsible for the creation of great media through which advertisers could reach the American people.

Serving with Time Inc. from 1922 until his death in 1979, Larsen made many immeasurable contributions to the company. Charged with handling problems of production, general management and circulation, Larsen led the company through troubled times, contributing significantly to its steady and successful growth. In 1939 when Larsen became president, Time magazine wrote, "The...growth of Time...certainly in large measure stemmed from Larsen’s circulation wizardry." Larsen also worked hard to make Fortune magazine the successful publication it is today. Life, Sports Illustrated, Money, People, Architectural Forum and House & Home were other magazines with which Larsen worked closely.

Larsen helped to launch the March of Time series in 1931, which introduced a new brand of pictorial journalism.

While Larsen’s work with Time showcased his "tenacious capacity for work that astounded and exhausted even associates accustomed to his normal drive," he somehow found time to dedicate his life to countless organizations, including Harvard University, the Department of State’s U.S. Advisory Commission on International Education & Cultural Affairs, the Committee on the Arts, the New York Public Library, the United Hospital Fund and the Advertising Council.

Larsen received numerous awards in his lifetime including honorary degrees from Harvard University, Dartmouth College, New York University and many others. He was also awarded many advertising honors including the Printer’s Ink Gold Medal in 1959 and the Advertising Council Public Service Award.