Poster Advertising Association of America Inc.

As an early advocate of organized advertising, Barney Link worked diligently on behalf of outdoor advertising and made a major contribution to uniform standards in the field. He also participated in the formation of a united group that would advance and protect the interests of all media.

His monumental achievement was in fashioning the heterogeneous bill posting in the United States and Canada into the solidarity of the Poster Advertising Association of America Inc.

Early in his advertising career, and in an endeavor to promote solidarity among the Associated Billposters of the United States and Canada, Link was impressed by the need for an organization that would bring all advertising interests together. This took form at a meeting in New York on March 18, 1904, when 40 men decided that a new federation to include media, advertisers and creators of advertisers was needed for the common good.

It was out of this meeting that the American Federation of Advertising Clubs began in 1905 with Link serving as third vice president.

Link participated energetically in developing and advancing the prestige of that organization, by serving on many committees and in many special capacities. He was very active in the work and progress of the National Advertising Commission.

He was associated closely with Samuel C. Dobbs in the latter’s successful effort in coordinating all advertising media, in securing tolerance and cooperation among the different media and in creating a spirit of unity.

Link brought high ideals as well as a practical disposition to advertising in its formative years. His capital merit and probably the secret of his great influence was his understanding trust in humanity.