Former President & Chairman of the Board, PARADE Publications Inc.

An unparalleled master of the spoken word, Arthur "Red" Motley was widely respected as the world's greatest salesman and equally revered as an innovative industry leader.

Through hundreds of eloquent speeches given during his 50-year career, Motley fostered the recognition of advertising as the major driving force in our economy, using his motto, "Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something." A fervent opponent of government control of advertising, Motley advocated education instead of legislation to protect the rights of both companies and individuals in our system of free enterprise.

His 32 years at the helm of PARADE magazine turned a fledgling publication into one of the most powerful voices in the country. Motley embodied a power that motivated others to seek higher personal and professional goals. As president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he inspired business leaders to become more involved in the social and economic problems of our society.

Motley was a dedicated humanitarian and philanthropist who raised millions of dollars for his favorite causes, including the Desert Hospital Foundation in Palm Springs, the Parl Spring Boy's Club, United Way and his alma mater, University of Minnesota. He was a hardworking member of Alcoholics Anonymous where he gave his time, fellowship and understanding to help others win a battle which he had already won.