First Managing Director, Associated Business Publications

Jesse H. Neal’s major impact on advertising was on the business press. Chosen in 1916 to head the newly formed Associated Business Publications, he guided it to unity and effectiveness through its crucial first decade.

Neal also demonstrated his dedication to advertising in many other fields. As an agency man and chairman of the Cleveland Advertising Club’s Vigilance Committee, he led Ohio to enact the Printer’s Ink Model Statue into law - the first of many states to do so.

He was one of seven men who formed the First War Federal Division of Advertising and mobilized the business press for service in this. He appeared frequently for advertising before governmental commissions and legislative bodies. Passage of the Webb-Pomerene Act of 1918 was largely credited to his effort.

He helped much in the formation of the National Industrial Advertisers Association, now the Association of Industrial Advertisers. A forceful speaker, he appeared often and effectively before industry, campus and public groups as a champion of advertising.