Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois

Charles H. Sandage, professor emeritus, University of Illinois, is widely and warmly hailed as the "father" of advertising education.

During his 41 years of teaching, he inspired hundreds of highly successful practitioners of advertising, and he has educated far more advertising professors with doctorates and master’s degrees than any other educator in the United States.

He has held tenured chairs at seven highly esteemed universities: University of California, Cincinnati, University of Illinois, Kansas, Miami University of Ohio, Pennsylvania University and the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. In his several books, classroom teachings, speeches and articles, Sandage not only has enhanced advertising itself but has influenced many others to contribute to raising its image and ethical standards. His scholarly, scientific views continue to influence much of the research employed in advertising today.

His honors included the 1965 Advertising Gold Medal Award sponsored by Printer’s Ink. He was the first advertising educator to receive the award, given annually for distinctive service to the advertising profession. His professional experience includes service to the Advertising Educational Foundation’s Academic Advisory Committee and the National Advertising Review Board. He is the co-founder of the American Academy of Advertising.