Former President, Association of National Advertisers; Former Director, Advertising Council

Paul West was a recognized leader in the advertising industry. As the head of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) for 28 years, he was a strong advocate of the highest ethics and standards in advertising.

West graduated from Williams College in 1914 and joined the Murray Howe & Company advertising agency after serving in World War I. He eventually became the advertising manager of the National Carbon company, now known as the Union Carbide Corporation.

In 1932 he accepted the presidency of the ANA. West contributed greatly to the stature and betterment of advertising while leading his organization to a prominent position within the industry.

In 194, West helped found the Advertising Council. During World War II, the Ad Council enlisted the support of both the advertising and communications industry in nearly 100 vital home front drives. In the post-war period, the Ad Council worked to advance the interests of the nation at the request of the government and public-service groups.

At the time of his death, West was treasurer and director of the Ad Council. He also served as director and treasurer of the Advertising Research Foundation, which he co-founded, and as director of the Brand Names Foundation.

During his lifetime, he received many awards and honors including the Poor Richard Award and the Printer’s Ink Gold Medal.