Former Director of Marketing Support, Warner Lambert

Patricia Martin is a woman of many firsts, from the first ad director in her company to the first woman chair of the American Advertising Federation. She has championed and exemplified the ethics of advertising and has served as a role model to many in the industry.

After graduating summa cum laude from the College of New Rochelle, Martin began her career with the then Warner-Hudnut as a copywriter/editor, one of the first women to break into the advertising industry. She then left to become public relations director for the International Silk Association — using her brilliant talent as a marketer to convince Salvador Dali to design a poster for an international festival, which she translated into a silk scarf for the event. And she was only 20 years old at the time.

Soon she rejoined Warner-Chilcott as manager of advertising production. One of her contributions came when she incorporated advertising and promotion into the company¿s sales training, setting a standard for the entire industry. She attended sales meetings, worked in the field (before there were any female representatives) and inspired many in the sales force to aspire to be product managers in the home office. When the first women representatives were hired, it was Martin who was their champion and mentor. She served on an internal committee to set standards for female employees and especially working mothers.

She continued to provide innovative ideas for the company as it went through a series of mergers, working as director of marketing support with a 16-person department in the in-house agency, Lambert & Feasley, and devising several award-winning campaigns. At that time, this was the highest title a female held in this division. Although her role became more and more dedicated to brand plans, physicians seminars and creating materials for non-agency assigned products as well as all trade materials, she kept up her creative skills by continuing to write copy. She was responsible for several new-product launches staying in-house. Martin created international seminars with leading doctors and dentists for the promotion of Parke Davis Rx products and Listerine and Trident dental products. She coordinated through major teaching hospitals worldwide to secure brand recognition of new products.

After 30 years with Warner-Lambert, Martin joined a colleague from Interpublic in forming Martin & Lipton. There, she worked her magic for clients such as American Home, Ives Laboratory and The Wall Street Journal. Although that partnership ended, she continues to be active in the industry with numerous corporate clients.

Martin¿s charitable efforts are also vast and her awards many, including AAF Silver Medal, Bart Cummings Gold Medal, National Ad Woman of the Year (1975) , Women in Communications Matrix Award and the Notable Irish American Award from Hamilton Madison House (2005). She continues to work on behalf of the industry and generously shares her resources and experience with advertising professionals and students.