52nd Annual Advertising Hall of Fame
March 20, 2001
New York City

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11    From left: Wally Snyder; David Bell, True North Communications; Burt Manning & Bob Blackmore, NBC

From left: Dick Christian, Marsteller Advertising; Howard Bell & Jock Elliott, Ogilvy & Mather    12

10    From left: Hugh Price, National Urban League & Reginald Brack

From left: Mel Karmazin, Viacom Inc.; William C. Paley, William S. Paley Foundation & Bud Liebler    15

14    From left: Tom Curley, Peter Georgescu, Pat Martin, Reg Brack, Andrea Alstrup, William C. Paley & Bud Liebler

From left: Phil Geier, The Interpublic Group of Companies & Peter Georgescu    16

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